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Joy in the field…

A few projects I have created or collaborated on. I enjoy sharing my know-how and I love to learn.

Social Business Champion

I am very excited about the emergence of social business. I co-created and ran a series of BCorp awareness events in Peel region to help spread the word about what social business is. I wanted to highligh how companies can being to think more deeply about and measure their impact. I sourced speakers and venues and ran the promotional campaigns. A fulfilling passion project indeed.

WordPress Training Program

I created a WordPress training program designed for entrepreneurs and recent grads wanting intro level know-how to building a website. The course covered 6 modules and included extensive support materials. I taught this program for 2 years before being asked to teach at George Brown College. Teaching is truly a passion of mine!

Youth Entrepreneurship Mentor

I have a firm belief in education and a passion for making it accessible to youth. Particularly entrepreneurship education. The opportunity to participate as a mentor for this provincial summer program was very exciting to me. I enjoyed sharing my experience and providing insights into emerging trends in social business for these youth.

Always Learning

I’m a self confessed learning junkie, always ready and willing to put time into learning new things that light me up. Through online platforms like Udemy, I have boosted my know how in SEO tactics and Cryptocurrencies. I traveled to New York to participate in the United Global Shift training program – all about systemic leadership.

When I’m not listening to audio books or taking an online class, I love attending health and wellness workshops around the province.

Creative Design Portfolio

Website design, graphic design and copywriting samples.

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