Be well. Do good.

Joyanne Howell

Aloha. My work serves those who care about being well while doing good. If you’re on a mission to do good with your business, let’s talk.

Heart-centered. Future Forward.

Surfing on the leading edge of marketing for over 20 years. I’ve been fortunate to dive into every major shift including digital marketing and now, AI. Using creative strategy, with the power of words and design to inspire meaningful business growth formed the core of my career. Today, whether I’m delving into a product launch or crafting an email nurture sequence my creativity is as boundless as the ocean.

I will always be a champion for social good in business. And, no matter how much technology evolves, I’m here to help folks stay human through yoga.

Career Highlights

  • Masters in Environment, Politics & Global Development. Certified Yoga Teacher.
  • 15+ Years of entrepreneurial, agency and consulting experience serving SMEs.
  • Copywriting + content creation resulting in 6-figure launches & 5x list growth.
  • College instructor in Marketing & WordPress for Blogging & Web Design.
  • Venture funding as a Coralus Activator & mentor for entrepreneur incubators.
  • Successful stint in ad sales for luxury brands in retail and accommodations.
  • Rich, multi-industry experience producing creative for clients like Scotiabank, IBM & EU-International Development projects.

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"Joy is an amazing digital strategist, and marketing coach. She takes big ideas and makes them come alive online in a way that focuses on usability and results for her clients. Her Zen-like approach to digital marketing makes the process feel easy and achievable."

Heather Briggs

Founder & Personal Branding Coach, Radiate Real

"Joy’s business acumen, and creating effective content marketing strategies (and the content itself!), is a rarity. The words that she writes reflects a deep well of empathy for any well defined customer persona, and a demonstrated ability to understand what makes those potential customers tick."

Amanda Northcutt

Founder & CEO, Level Up Creators

"The thoughtfulness and care that she puts into a project is incredible. She takes charge of projects big or small, and delivers results. She collaborates cross functionally, communicates well with technical teams, and gets “the business.” She can pull numbers, build lists, take an email campaign to the next level, and more. She’ll push your organization to great heights."

Shea Darlison

Head of Product, Rise Vision

"Working with Joy is pure magic! She was able to fully understand my vision and bring it to life. She was very patient and brought in her unique creative genius that went beyond what I had envisioned! I would hands down recommend working with Joy."

Vanessa Bowen

Founder & CEO of Mint Worthy

Let’s Connect

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